Friday, June 4, 2010

Knol - BlueTooth Gateway

I wrote an article about using a BlueTooth Cellular Gateway to allow you to use your house telephones to answer and make cellular telephone calls.  The link to the Knol is here.

This is a great alternative for the vacation home where you have existing telephones throughout the house but do not want to pay year round for land line telephone service.

Knol - High Speed Internet In Charlevoix County

I wrote an article in the form of a Google Knol (Unit of Knowledge) something over a year ago about the High Speed Internet options available in Charlevoix County.  Check out the link at the highlights.

It has received a fair amount of traffic and still receives about ten hits a week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wireless Dialer to protect boat storage, job site, equipment storage

There is a new product out there designed for places like out-buildings, boat storage, large equipment and construction job sites.

Past systems needed permanent or semi-permanent installation as well as a telephone line for monitoring.

The new system is designed to be portable and uses the GSM cellular telephone network.   A companion phone on your existing cellular account might be as little as $10 additional per month.

The portable Dakota Alert Wireless system retail for $599
Portable GSM Cellular Auto Dialer

The Cellular Auto Dialer provides an easy do-it-yourself security solution. The rugged construction of the control panel/dialer allows the system to be used at construction sites, in vehicles and other areas that are difficult to monitor. The dialer uses the GSM cellular network to send a voice message to up to nine different phone numbers. The dialer can be programmed with entrance/exit delay and will be triggered by various wireless sensors or a tamper alarm.

Kit includes:
1 control panel/GSM dialer
1 wireless PIR sensor
1 wireless shock sensor
1 power supply
1 back-up battery

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Man Cave Speaker Placement

A new technology article "Man Cave Speaker Placement" is posted and available online.

The Yamaha Sound Projector and the PolK Audio Surround Bar speakers are perfect solutions for creating a dynamic sound field in a room that has few options for running wires to surround and rear speakers.

On-Line Cameras article in BC Gazette 5/26

The article about using online cameras for keeping track of you property or scenery appears on page 18 of the Boyne City Gazette on May 26, 2010.  I like the "computer corner" logo.  The Gazette has asked for a "head shot" photo for the articles.  I am not sure that would be an improvement?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Online Cameras

Here is a short article on Camera Surveillance that will be submitted to the local papers.

Look for it at least in the Charlevoix Courier and Boyne City Gazette.

Use pan, tilt and zoom IP cameras to monitor your house and see your vacation view while you are back in the world.

Use cost effective Outdoor Camera / DVR kits to monitor your driveway, yard and buildings on your local net, over the internet and via your SmartPhone.

Protect your remote boat storage building with a closed circuit system.

Aging in place - how technology can supplement community and private elder care

Our Aging in Place article was published in the Courier late last month and again in the Boyne City Gazette in early May.

Our product offerings include everything from a simple emergency dialer to dialer systems that can track lack of movement and include tele-medicine capabilities. Our home automation offerings can provide all of the above in addition to keeping track of things like range hood too hot, garage door open, water on the floor, temperature and humidity

We also have a very cost effective paging system for managed or assisted care.

Cleaning up your XP Computer - Article

The Cleaning up your XP Computer article appeared in the Charlevoix Courier in April.

We have been very successful in removing all manner of computer malware within our $75 flat fee clean-up program.

Drop off your desktop or laptop computer. Desktops bring only the "tower". Laptops bring the computer and power supply.

If you drop it off on a weekday morning often we can have it back to you at the end of the next week day.

If you have the original disks it is useful to bring them along. The disks are usually not necessary, needed only with the worst infections.

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