Friday, June 4, 2010

Knol - BlueTooth Gateway

I wrote an article about using a BlueTooth Cellular Gateway to allow you to use your house telephones to answer and make cellular telephone calls.  The link to the Knol is here.

This is a great alternative for the vacation home where you have existing telephones throughout the house but do not want to pay year round for land line telephone service.

Knol - High Speed Internet In Charlevoix County

I wrote an article in the form of a Google Knol (Unit of Knowledge) something over a year ago about the High Speed Internet options available in Charlevoix County.  Check out the link at the highlights.

It has received a fair amount of traffic and still receives about ten hits a week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wireless Dialer to protect boat storage, job site, equipment storage

There is a new product out there designed for places like out-buildings, boat storage, large equipment and construction job sites.

Past systems needed permanent or semi-permanent installation as well as a telephone line for monitoring.

The new system is designed to be portable and uses the GSM cellular telephone network.   A companion phone on your existing cellular account might be as little as $10 additional per month.

The portable Dakota Alert Wireless system retail for $599
Portable GSM Cellular Auto Dialer

The Cellular Auto Dialer provides an easy do-it-yourself security solution. The rugged construction of the control panel/dialer allows the system to be used at construction sites, in vehicles and other areas that are difficult to monitor. The dialer uses the GSM cellular network to send a voice message to up to nine different phone numbers. The dialer can be programmed with entrance/exit delay and will be triggered by various wireless sensors or a tamper alarm.

Kit includes:
1 control panel/GSM dialer
1 wireless PIR sensor
1 wireless shock sensor
1 power supply
1 back-up battery