Monday, October 8, 2012

Hooch #3 and #4

Batch 3 used steamed rice (soaked and then cooked), batch 4 used dried rice as per the original recipe.

The amount of sugar gives a SG potential of 5, haven't tested on vinometer yet.  Batch 2 came out as 12% on the vinometer.

4 ended first and it came out a week ago, not bad, clear, chardonnay like color and taste, nice.

3 ran longer and is milky, it came out yesterday, it has a very nice flavor, slightly sweet with a little sparkle of effervescence.  I'd bet it would be carbonated if capped.  What is left is in a half gallon bail top mason.  I bet it will have a bit more sparkle in short order.

The original recipe is three cups sugar, 4 1/2 cups rice, handful of raisins, a gallon of water and yeast.  
Update: #3 vinometer reading 10%, #4 13%, can't explain that one yet!

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