Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marilyn's Chicken Curry

We have made this recipe many times over the past five or six years.  We don't make it often enough to use up those spice bottles of curry fast enough to assure fresh curry each time.  Same goes for many of spices we keep around.  We picked up some fresh curry from the Grain Train. They have a fine selection of bulk spices that seem to get constant turnover.  

We'll start purchasing in smaller quantities to insure freshness. Even though the curry is inside a zip-lock bag the smell of the curry calls from the spice cupboard.

We use a recipe that was printed out back in 2007 but you can find the Chicken Peanut Curry recipe at   We typically cook only two half breasts so we scale it down a bit.  We didn't have serrano peppers so we use pickled jalapenos.

We use a Naan bread recipe that Marilyn got from a cooking class but it is exactly the same as this one, found at The recipe calls for grilling the bread, we have used a grille pan and usually just use the large cast iron pan.

It is wonderful!

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