Monday, February 17, 2014

Charter eliminating "basic cable" in Charlevoix County (and around the country)

The Boyne City Gazette has the Public Notice in it's paper addition.

If you have Charter for TV and you don't have a set-top-box, you will have to get one and soon, March 25, 2014!

When the country went from analog to digital for all broadcast TV, many of the cable companies preserved the analog channels that they deliver, channels 2-69.

So older TV's with the old analog tuners could still get basic cable without a set-top box.

Analog TV signals takes up many times the bandwidth of a Digital signal.  So getting rid of analog frees up a ton of space for other uses.

Of course Charter does not make it easy to see what they are doing, you can see it here.

It won't be much of a big deal for the typical home owner but it can be a bit complicated for the hospitality industry that may still be using basic cable on a bunch of TV's

We can help.

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