Friday, January 6, 2017

Cheap and Easy TV antenna

I made this simple TV antenna from things I had laying around.  

I didn't make a base or use a lazy susan, it will hang on a wall temporarily.

It will pick up all of the available channels to the south of me.  The main broadcast networks and a few more.  I'll need another simple antenna for the Fox affiliate to the west.

That one will be a double loop. Again I think I have everything I need here.

Both antennas will work indoors from an upstairs bedroom without amplification or reflector.

My issue right now is a DVR for off air channel recording and I have DirecTV down to $50 per month including the very fine DVR.

Tom is using a DVR, but they have a tuner stick and cloud DVR storage on the horizon.

I'll add a picture of the antennas when the loop antenna is complete.

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