Friday, January 6, 2017

Two zero one seven

Most of us have an opinion. It seems many of those with the opinion that bigger and more powerful government is better are now seriously worried that someone they don't agree with will now be wielding that power.

There is my highlight for the prior year ending with the last three letters s i x.

That year in my experience has been my worst.

There have been moving vans sighted at Trump's new Washinton DC property.  Looking on the brighter side. The hip-hop party culture is moving out. I really really really relate to Drain the Swamp.

Blogging in one form or another has been good therapy in the past. I can see this blog has been ignored for a while.

Sourdough is a real handy thing to have on the kitchen counter.

Koji is now cool.

Nearly free DIY TV antennas are fun to play with.

Firewood is good to have in the basement.

Foolish jewelry is fun to fool with.

Getting by is. Didn't mean to end that there, but it seems to be accurate.

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