Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Sake and mushrooms

The last batch of Sake went into cold ferment in the last days of November.  It was very cold up there in the guest bedroom, hovering in the low fifties.  The clean laundry piled up according to color on the guest bed keeping watch.  Each day a vigorous stir of the mash to add Oh-two to the mix to keep the ferment healthy.  A faint smell of alcohol / Koji in the air (and the smell of Marilyn's hair spray).

That batch came out a couple of days ago.  The cold ferment and perhaps a reduction in the amount of citric acid applied gives it a very nice flavor, one that calls to me late at night on a Sunday night / Monday morning.

There is another batch of Kome Koji incubating in the chamber (oven with the light on).  I have decided to make batches according to the size of my pressure cooker rather than the size the recipe calls for.  More than double the 400 gram recipe size.

The blue painter's tape icons over the BAKE and LIGHT buttons attempt to control the temperature and prevent the melting of the Koji that occurred a little while back.

Mushrooms: I raised some Shitake mushrooms on logs back in the previous century, way back in '97. We had lots of mushrooms for four or five years, fewer in the latter years.

GC Farms will be trying mushrooms again.  Shitake on logs using plug spawn.  I'll do a couple of burns to create some patches for Black Morels and cut a Beech tree for some fire wood and some oyster mushrooms. I'm thinking sawdust spawn for the oyster mushrooms.

I'll probably get a pressure canner for sterilizing culture media for more 'shrooms and maybe canning some salsa.

It is a weird new year that we enter into.

Do you know what the three percent is?

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