Monday, January 14, 2013

The quest for cheese

We bought a cheese making kit the last time we were at the brew store.  It is a kit from 

We find that the type of milk used to make cheese is kind of a big deal.  You can't use anything that is ultra-pasteurized.  They suggest that the best is whole milk that is not homogenized.  This type of milk is available here at Friske's but it is $3.60 per half gallon.

At a local farm I can get unpasteurized raw milk for what works out to $8.30 per gallon after signing a six page contract, paying a contract fee and then a weekly maintenance fee for a "share of a cow" that would get me a gallon a week.  What lengths to get around overreaching government intrusion into what we eat?

Research shows that most grocery store milk will work if you add small amounts of calcium chloride.  Isn't that the same chloride that they put on dirt roads to control dust?  The non-salt ice melter?

It is commonly available in brewing and dairy supply stores.  It is sold in some grocery stores as Pickle Crisp, an ingredient that replaces the liming process used to keep pickles crisp.

No stores in Charlevoix of course.  The nice people at  Eastport Market ordered it up for us and we got it Saturday.

So cheese is next.

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